About Us

Team Shimano

Welcome to the world of Shimano. Our main goal in life and business is to help people get closer to nature through the cycling activities they enjoy most.

Team Shimano is comprised of people all over the world, working together to fulfill a dream in which more people ride bikes, and the bikes they ride shift better, brake better and perform better overall.

There are as many ways to enjoy cycling as there are people on bikes and we have devoted our resources to meeting as many of those individual riding needs as possible, creating the widest range of high quality bicycle components in the world.

Shimano Australia

“We want to see more happy Shimano Bicyclists” - was the mission statement given to us by Yoshizo Shimano, the Senior Executive Vice President at the time, on his visit to inaugurate the formation of Shimano Australia Pty. Ltd. in 1992. With a team of passionate and dedicated cyclists, Shimano Australia has been working to achieve this dream.

An established and integral part of world wide Team Shimano, we are dedicated to achieving a “world’s best practice” standard that matches the “world’s best bicycle components” - Shimano!

Our offices

Shimano Australia - Caringbah, NSW

Shimano Head Office - Osaka, Japan