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Quick View ASKA_v1_m56577569830816866.jpg ASKA

Perfect for pressured conditions, it is a silent runner with a precisely engineered fiberglass (circuitboard) square bill that provides it with a unique vibration and incredible deflection capabilities. The Aska's internal balancing weight also allows it t...

Quick View BLING_v1_m56577569830816867.jpg BLING55

The Jackall Bling 55 is a small profile, flat-sided crankbait with intense action. It also combats a common problem with flat-sided cranks - their flat-sided design often causes them to roll in the air and limit your casting distance. To counteract this,...

Quick View Jackall_Jaco_productshot_v1_m56577569830990493.png Jaco

With Jackall's moving weight system contributing to long casts, the new Jaco 58MR Flat-Sided crank features an internal scale pattern finish for exceptional underwater reflection.