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Quick View SQUAD_MINNOW_v1_m56577569830816888.jpg SQUAD MINNOW

Jackall's Squad Minnow was created for ambitious fisherman. It includes Dart and Stop & Go action all in one. The Squad Minnow's weight system is the reason why this bait is able to create a great Dart action, but also once you stop your rod, the bait acti...

Quick View SQUIRREL_v1_m56577569830816889.jpg SQUIRREL

This jerkbait is very effective in cold weather. Squirrel has a longbill which makes it possible to dive deeper, thus it is easier to reach inactive bass in the water. It will be your favorite lure for early spring. This lure produces a tight wobbling acti...

Quick View Rerange_web9_v1_m56577569831053819.jpg RERANGE

Tungsten weight inside (3.3g and 4g), New Weight Transfer System, "TG Zero Friction" Weight Transfer System, 20% of the lure's weight transfers during the cast for increased distance, Fluororesin coating on the internal weight creates a smooth shifting of weight, Available in two sizes, 110 (4.3 inch 1/2oz) 130 (5.1 inch 3⁄4oz), Available in 8 different colors