The I-Motion technique is expanding with the introduction of the Jackall I-Prop 75S. The Jackall I-Prop 75S was created to fish multiple levels of water, from just below the surface to targeting bass in the middle range. The horizontal position of the lure...
  • Prop setting is perfect to keep the lure horizontal

Sku Specs


Item Number Weight Color
JIPROP75S-HLW 3/10oz Wakasagi
JIPROP75S-ISB 3/10oz Bluegill
JIPROP75S-ISCBG 3/10oz Chartreuse Back Glitter
JIPROP75S-ISGM 3/10oz Ghost Minnow
JIPROP75S-ISTH 3/10oz Threadfin Shad
JIPROP75S-O 3/10oz Oikawa
JIPROP75S-SESH 3/10oz Secret Shad