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Quick View JackallGant_v1_m56577569830928176.jpg GANTAREL

With a 6-inch double-jointed body mimicking a nice size lunch for big bass, Jackall Lures brings the Gantarel slow-floating hard swimbait to North American anglers. The Gantarel's jointed body creates a 'S' swimming pattern while being retrieved, and makes 180-degree turns when twitched which further entices big bass when they are following the bait. To add even more realism to the Gantarel swimbaits, they are equipped with feathered treble hooks.

Quick View Gantarel-Jr_square_v1_m56577569831023664.jpg Gantarel Jr.

The Jackall Gantarel Jr. packs all the same lifelike action of the original Gantarel into a new, smaller size. A steady retrieve creates a natural "S" swimming pattern. Twitch your rod tip and the Gantarel Jr. Turns 180-degrees, triggering vicious strike...

Quick View GIRON_v1_m56577569830816877.jpg GIRON

Jackall's new Giron is the latest swimbait design. Giron has a jointed body with lively S-swim type action. The Giron has a variety of ways you can fish it. You can cast it out and swim it, twitch it or a combination of both. Bass love to eat bluegill and ...

Quick View jackall_kawashi-mikey_v1_m56577569830869691.jpg KAWASHI MIKEY

Kawashi Mikey 140 Cover Cranking Swimbait allows you to fish over brush cover. New curved lip design makes it dive deeper and minimizes snags by deflecting cover. Enhanced 3pc jointed body design makes the lure swim more life-like. Feather hook attracts fi...

Quick View MIKEY_v1_m56577569830816882.jpg MIKEY

The Mikey topwater bait is the latest evolution of a design developed in Japan. These lures will swim along the top of the water with a wide motion and leave a wake that will direct a bass' attention to what is making the commotion - your lure. The Jackall...

Quick View Gantia_web.jpg_v1_m56577569831024935.jpeg GANTIA

4 segment swimbait for realistic swimming action. Suspending bait with additional eyelet to add weight. Twitch action causes bait to turn like a frightened bait fish. Big body design delivers a life-like presence to trigger the bite.

Quick View square_v1_m56577569831049358.jpg GIGANTAREL

The GIGANTAREL is the biggest in the Gantarel lineup. In recent years, big fish have been caught on lures 8 inches or more. These lures such as adult bluegill, and carp exist in various waters. The making of a "GIGANTAREL" was inevitable. The natural movement created by the three joints triggers monster bass predatory instincts. Just like its smaller version, it can be twitched to turn 180 degrees which creates a reaction bite. Using the GIGANTAREL, you will be certain to catch a big bass.