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Quick View jackall_binksy_v1_m56577569830904430.jpg BINKSY

Creating both big noise and big splash, the Jackall Binksy is a shallow cup topwater popper with an attached blade and rear prop for even more noise and fish-attracting flashed. Offered in six colors, the 2-3/4 inch lure features a hidden feathered hook that can serve as bite indicator.

Quick View BOIL_TRIGGER_v1_m56577569830816868.jpg BOIL TRIGGER

The Jackall Boil Trigger 100 is a topwater popper and walking bait all in one. It has the cupped mouth of a popper combined with a hinged pencil bait style body that helps accentuate its erratic, walking motion on the surface. Offering a winning imitation ...

Quick View BONNIE_v1_m56577569830816869.jpg BONNIE

The Bonnie is an extremely active topwater walking bait that features a weight transfer system. This unique transfer system allows for long casts and produces a very erratic walking motion. The Bonnie features ultra-sharp hooks for no missed strikes, along...

Quick View BOWSTICK_v1_m56577569830816870.jpg BOWSTICK

The Jackall Bowstick is the topwater solution when the fish want bigger bait. The Bowstick features a specially designed gill tunnel that allows water to flow through, creating additional splashing and bubbling. The addition of a loud rattle helps to call ...

Quick View IOBEE_v1_m56577569830816878.jpg IOBEE

Meticulously designed and tested to provide all the attributes serious anglers are looking for in a hollow bodied frog, the Iobee's body is actually molded around its super sharp, custom-made hook to keep it completely weedless and deliver excellent hookin...

Quick View Kaera_web8_v1_m56577569831053802.jpg KAERA

Body shape and hook position hides the point of the hooks to lessen snags, Wide hook gives excellent hook up ratio, Flat Surface side body pushes more water, Water Drain hole behind body releases excess water during casts

Quick View MUD_SUCKER_v1_m56577569830816883.jpg MUD SUCKER

The Mudsucker is a great topwater bait that features a cupped mouth that pops, gurgles, and bubbles on the retrieve. The Mudsucker will walk-the-dog, twitch like a popper, or a combination of both for a unique topwater action that bass can't resist.

Quick View Jackall_Pompadour_Product_Shot_v1_m56577569830990500.png POMPADOUR

Featuring Jackall's 'magnetic center of gravity' system, the unique Pompadour topwater lure is designed with custom metal wings so it produces action with either a slow or fast retrieve. Both the rear hook and prop create noise and splash, while the large 3-inch body size pushed through the water.

Quick View SK_POP_GRANDE_v1_m56577569830816886.jpg SK-POP GRANDE

The Jackall Pop Grande is a beautiful popping bait with clear, attention grabbing glass eyes and detailed paint schemes. The naturally shaped mouth is cupped deeply with an extended upper rim to spit water out in front of the bait. The slightly distended b...

Quick View GavachoFrog_web.jpg_v1_m56577569831024937.jpeg GAVACHO FROG

The unique cup design produces a fine water spray to induce the bite. Silicon skirt is equipped to keep a strong appeal and create efficient movement. The fact that the hook is housed in a three-dimensional body shape, achieves a perfect balance design of snag resistance and hooking rate.

Quick View Ghost_Minnow_Square_v1_m56577569831049405.jpg Chan Wake

Chan Wake has a wild rolling action and can be retreived just like a buzz bait. While retreiving, the props on the backside of the body makes big draining sounds and sprays like a small fish running away. You can also twitch and jerk it on the surface, creating noise in muddy areas. Experience the unique ability the Chan Wake has for catching quality fish!