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Quick View Jackall_chunkcraw_productimage_v1_m56577569830990476.png Chunk Craw

Ideal craw-like creature bait that can be punched, flipped, as a jug trailer and texas rigged.

Quick View COVER_CRAW_v1_m56577569830816874.jpg COVER CRAW

The Jackall Cover Craw presents a protein-rich profile in a compact soft plastic package. The Cover Craw is salt injected and filled with live bait scent to keep fish from spitting the Cover Craw out. The Cover Craw is ideal for pitching to overhanging bru...

Quick View jackall_dartshog_v1_m56577569830869689.jpg

Japan's secret weapon for catching big bass, now debuts in the US. High float material keeps the tail upright mimicking defensive crawdad. Phantom color tail can be split for added versatility. It is best used with Jackall's Tungsten Spade Jig T.G. Packag...

Quick View jackall_sasuteki-craw_v1_m56577569830904433.jpg SASUTEKI CRAW

Extremely tempting to bass, the Jackall Sasuteki Craw feature a unique dimple pattern on the claws that cause a 'can't pass up' vibration. In both 4-inch (six to a pack) and 5- inch (five to a pack) lengths - each in six colors, the slim profile design allows for weedless rigging.

Quick View Archelon_web.jpg_v1_m56577569831024928.jpeg ARCHELON

Slim body design allows Archelon to easily slip into heavy cover. Plastic material is firm enough to ensure durability but soft enough for the hook to penetrate when the bass strikes. Rattle can be inserted into the body.