Crank Baits

Muscle Deep has weight moving system that allows you to cast further, dive deeper and most importantly, catch more fish than you ever have before. The midium size crankbait is only 2.5 inch's, but cann dive more than 17 feet. This bait also allows you to retrieve with less effort. This means that you will be able to get better results by working less, allowing you to enjoy your fishing experience more on those hot summer days.

While casting, the weight is distributed to the tail giving the lure less air resistance. The sharp point of the tail makes the lure more aerodynamic making long distance casting easy.

Traditional crankbaits are 20% bigger in size than our Muscle Deep Crank. Our smaller size lure creates less drag in the water and therefore less resistance when you retrieve. It will be your key lure you will want to keep in your tackle box.

Note: the diving range might change depending on your castiing distance and the line size that you use.